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On this high-content complimentary training, you’ll discover…
  • The very first marketing strategy to use when filling your program (to get clients fast)

  • Common mistakes that cost you new high-end clients (if you’ve tried to launch
    a program and it didn’t work, this will help)

  • Simple ways to attract and enroll clients immediately when you don’t have a list

  • What your marketing process MUST include to enroll the RIGHT clients

  • The #1 marketing strategy for attracting high-end clients

  • My simple 5-step formula to enroll 3, 5 or even 10 high-end clients in 30 days or less

  • PLUS: Times have changed –what’s working NOW to quickly fill your high-end programs!

Elizabeth Purvis, Your 6-Figure Income Breakthrough Mentor

With Elizabeth Purvis
Your 6-Figure Income
Breakthrough Mentor

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    "3 Insider Secrets To Creating, Marketing and Filling Lucrative High-End Programs"

  • Why you don’t need to be “the best” at what you do to offer high-end programs with integrity

  • How to END “who am I to charge this much?” syndrome so you can receive your new higher fees

  • How to design your programs so that they are well worth higher fees – even for a “soft” or “fuzzy” service

  • My proven template for a 90-day high-end program your clients will love!

"3 superstar private clients and one
small group for a high five figure launch"

"I was inundated by responses to my invitation for my Diamond program and the first 3 people I talked to all said YES.  What’s truly incredible is that every one had already decided that without a doubt, they were doing it – and they had no idea how much it cost.  I had so much interest I decided to take some of the overflow and create a group program, which filled immediately. Plus, I have a waiting list for the next time I offer the program.

All told, I enrolled 3 private Diamond clients plus the small group for a high five figure launch.  Most importantly, I felt empowered and supported by the structure and boundaries this new way of enrollment provides, and joyously stood as the leader in consciousness that I am.

A true paradigm shift - thank you!"

~ Danielle Rama Hoffman


“Within 15 Days I secured my first
Platinum Client for $4,300!”

Thanks to what I learned in Platinum Program Secrets, I first developed a new Millionaire and Goddess-like identity and mindset. Then, I created a 90-day High-End Program called “The High-End Consultant Secrets”, and secured my first Platinum Client within 15 days, for $4,300. I very quickly started to attract more high-end clients, like coaches or trainers of coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs, which resulted in $30,000 coaching revenues for an 8 week group VIP Law of Attraction coaching program, 4 private and group VIP days in a month, and more time for less work! Now, I’m envisioning offering a 6-month Premium Program, as an ‘upsell’ for my VIP Day High-End Clients.

I still read my notes from the Platinum Program Secrets when I want to improve my mindset and aim higher! And I love having plenty of extra time to ‘play’ with my kids!

~ Marcelle della Faille


"9 high-end clients and
my first 5-figure launch!"

With a well-thought-out program and launch strategy in place, I immediately enrolled 9 high-end clients to create my first 5-figure launch. With two more since then, I whizzed past 6 figures in only 9 months.

Going Platinum in my business completely changed my life! It’s given me so much more breathing room. I’m convinced we cut at least a year and a half out of the time it would have taken me to get where I am now.

Finally, I can see a year ahead in my business, which means I can plan my cash flow! I know I’m good at what I do, but you helped me package and offer my expertise in a way that draws more people in. And I get the gift of serving them in a much deeper, more profound way.

All this has given me a feeling of not just financial security, but financial surety. That freedom is priceless!

~ Sharon Desjarlais


"Four Platinum clients in the
first 2 weeks -
I quadrupled my income this month!"

Melody LeBaronIn the first 10 days since starting the program, I put together my first signature system and 90-day program, incorporating what we learned on the calls and from the handouts. I emailed the materials to 3 clients.

I just have to share what happened in the enrollment conversations. They were very short! I started by asking if they’d read through the material, and before I could ask if they had any questions, they all said ‘Yes, we are ready to start,’ and pulled out their credit cards! Woo Hooo! In just a few days, I tripled my income for May, and made more than enough to pay back my investment in the program!

~ Melody LeBaron


Elizabeth Purvis, Your 6-Figure Income Breakthrough Mentor

With Elizabeth Purvis
Your 6-Figure Income
Breakthrough Mentor

“Yes, Elizabeth! Save my seat on this free call so I can
learn how to get 3 high-end clients in 30 days!”

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“3 Insider Secrets To Creating, Marketing
and Filling Lucrative High-End Programs”

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